Carefree Family Photos

We all know how it goes some days.

George wakes up on the wrong side of the bed.
Emily doesn’t want to eat breakfast.

Bad days happen, but they don’t have to ruin your photoshoot!

Here are my top 5 suggestions for making family sessions easier for me, and for you!

#5. Plan sessions for after nap time/meal times.
Although schedules might not allow for this your session will go more smoothly if you’re little ones aren’t tired and hungry!

Twin Boys, Frankie Carter Park, Friendswood Texas

#4.  Bring snacks

If your kids are little meltdowns happen, often without warning.  Having some snacks on hand can keep hanger from hindering your session.  The best options are foods that don’t get stuck in your teeth too badly  and aren’t super messy.

#3.  Let me instruct your kids

Rather than stressing about whether Jimmy is looking at the camera let me call out and instruct him.  Sometimes it takes a few minutes for your children to warm up to being in front of the camera, and that’s ok! 

I fully expect that they’ll need a minute to get used to me.  

#2.  Keep Smiling! 

It happens all the time.  I flip through a fresh gallery looking for kids looking at the camera, and finally think I’ve struck gold!  All 4 of the kids are looking and smiling…

but dad is looking down to see if they’re cooperating.  Or mom is fixing her hair. 

And although this is partially unavoidable (we all need to fix our hair, am I right?) it’s much easier for me to get a great family photo if you focus on the camera and let me focus on getting the kids attention.  

Plus your kids probably still look adorable when they make silly faces.  

I know I don’t…

Galveston Beach West End, Tipsy Turtle, Seascape

#1.  Enjoy!

My best advice is to have fun!  It’s okay if you’re kids dance, or jump, or run.  In fact these candid moments are often my favorite photos.

I like to start your session with posed/more formal shots and let the session move toward playful.  After all, you’re hear to document your relationship with the ones you love the most.  And silly moments count. 

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