To Wear or Not to Wear – How to coordinate your family’s outfits

Ever wonder how to dress your family for photos?
Here are a few outfit coordinating tips!

1) Choose a color pallet

I like to find a combination of colors that I ADORE and work from there.  My favorite way to choose a color scheme starts with finding a patterned dress or shirt that you love, and using that to create your color pallet.  This can include neutrals like black, white and brown as well as bright colors, but I recommend starting with 3 colors.

Family wearing patterns and solid colors that coordinate
A great example of choosing coordinating one pattern with several solids

2) Avoid being too “matchy”

We’ve all seen it.  Family photos with everyone wearing matching polos or all denim.  It’s not the most flattering option for several reasons. 

Instead of finding identical outfits find clothing that work well together.   If you’re choosing outfits for your immediate family incorporate some patterns (plaid/florals/gingham) and some solid colors that occur in those patterns.  For example, Dad might wear navy orange and gold flannel, mom might choose a pretty gold (or navy) dress while the kids clothing mixes in other complimentary patterns or solid colors found in the shirt.

Couple wearing flannel and solid colors that coordinate with it
These outfits coordinate so well! Forest greens and golds would also coordinate with his shirt!

Also, if you’re coordinating a larger photoshoot it might help to send a photo of a fabric swatch to make that sure you all choose the same kinds of colors.  It’s best if you don’t all wear the same color, but we want it all to work well together and to be chosen with intention. 

3) Consider Comfort

If you aren’t comfortable in your clothes the camera will know.  Choose an ensemble that makes you feel beautiful, or happy, or playful.  Make sure your clothes fit well, aren’t too tight, and are flattering to your shape. Most importantly don’t compare yourself to your friends and family!  Embrace where your body is in this season.

Couple with their one year old playing peek-a-boo
Wearing clothes that you feel comfortable and confident in keeps you focused on what matters – your family!
Hair ties and bobby pins are super helpful for beach photos like this one

4) Consider Conditions

Take into account the weather, location, and setting of your photos, especially if your photoshoot is outdoor!  Heels aren’t ideal if it might be muddy, so either bring a change of shoes or choose to wear flats instead.  If your photoshoot is taking place on the beach I guarantee that there will be wind, so style your hair and choose your skirt accordingly. 

5) Layer

It may be counterintuitive, but layered outfits are usually very flattering because they create multiple lines on your body.  Consider wearing a sleeveless dress or blouse under a cardigan.

Layers help emphasize the best parts of your shape
Layers, especially open layers create long lines and shadows in the right places

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