Hey there! I’m Stephanie Eddy.   I’ve had the joy of living in Boulder for the last two years, and love experiencing all the beauty that Colorado has to offer. Since 2014, I’ve worked in and around my hometown of Galveston, Texas as an engagement, wedding, and family photographer, enjoying the opportunities to immortalize sweet memories for every one of my clients. 

My photography experience began with chasing birds around the yard using a 110 mm camera. I have been blessed to grow from these humble beginnings to learning darkroom processes and digital photo editing. Now I specialize in capturing memories and raw natural beauty through photography. 

In college while pursuing my degree in Visual Arts, I learned to develop film, and I’ve always loved the ability of images to conjure up memories of another time. Looking at photographs from past years helps me remember the joys of my life, and the memory is always sweeter when I made the time to step into the photo with the people I love. 

My favorite sessions capture the emotion of the moment: from the excitement of your engagement to the joys of your wedding; from welcoming home a new baby to spending time with your family in nature. 

My goal is to let the client’s authentic self shine through in each and every preserved moment. Whether you’re looking for a laid back family session in your backyard, a full day of wedding photography, or anything in between, I’d love to serve you. Together, we will create beautiful photos that will celebrate who you are and be forever treasured. I’d love to connect, get some coffee, and plan your dream session!